Productivity Rate Increases Again

The method of determining the worth of contract grant writing services can be a fluid thing.  For a small food bank that needs a truck to pick up donations from the community, receiving enough grant funds to purchase a small used vehicle can be a game changer.  That one grant is all that is needed to be successful in that case.  In order to develop data that can be updated on an annual basis, however, Hertlein Grant Writing has developed Productivity Ratios to help measure our successes.

In 2023, these Productivity Ratios have increased again.  Using a 5-year average (2019 – 2023), our numbers are 3-5% higher than they were at the end of 2022.  What that means for our clients is that for every hour of grant writing service that they paid for, they received an average of $2,527 in grant funds.  And for every $1.00 they paid to Hertlein Grant Writing, they received an average return of $37.67.