Measuring Productivity

We often get asked about our “grant success rate,” which is a hard question to answer. A recent article in a fundraising publication explained some of the reasons:

While many nonprofits are interested in past grant writer success rates as a measure of potential future performance, this metric provides little in the way of proof of a grant writer’s work product, skill as a grant writer, or likelihood of writing successful grant proposals. Grant writer success rates depend on a myriad of other factors, including organizational grant readiness, quality and timeliness of the documents requested by the grant writer, and a host of other factors, some of which have little to do with the grant writer’s skill.

One statistic that Hertlein Grant Writing does have available is the productivity of our work for our clients. We currently measure two data points:

Productivity: On average, for every one hour spent it grant writing, our clients receive $2,246 in grant funds.

Return on Investment: For every $1.00 clients spend with Hertlein Grant Writing, they receive on average $34.42 back in revenue.